New York improv team: Agency Bureau, the

Agency Bureau, the

[Article 1, Section 4C]: Licensed agents of the Bureau are available upon request for the purpose of performing ISO 9000-certified, OSHA-compliant, NATO-sanctioned, EPA-approved improvisational comedic sequences in accordance with procedural safety protocols mandated by local municipal & NY state law, the US Department of Labor and the Geneva Conventions. [Article 3, Section 7A]: The Agency reserves the right to rock an unspecified number of socks as per standards outlined within this charter and is hereby waived of all liability for any ensuing consequence incurred as a result of aforementioned silly mayhem. [Article 4, Section 5]: Results may vary. [Article 4, Section 6E]: If you have read and agree to accept these terms and conditions, please contact one of our helpful agents to schedule an appointment. [i]"You'll have a regulation good time."[/i]